The Art and Importance of Disobedience

(this article was also published on Rebelle Society) Disobedience is an art form. It’s the true nature of the seeker. It has you on an enduring quest and is at the same time your true state of being, home, truth, the essence of spirit. To obey is the easy route through life. It doesn’t require much to take what you […]

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Phoenix Soul – Puppetry, Prisons and Pangs of Awakening

Image Source (this article was also published on Rebelle Society)   How many times have you begged for mercy, how often have you died so far? And still you are here, reading these words. Because you know how to rise from the ashes. Everytime you hope for the next round to go smoother. And everytime your soul chooses ‘hardcore lane’. […]

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Resistance, Surrender & Perfect Alchemy

(This article was also published on Rebelle Society) Deep down in the black department of my soul I’m a bloody pervert. I enjoy pain so much. It’s like my secret elixir that keeps me going, seeking. My feelings: intense, desperate, viscerally deep and aching, alive – so I’m staying awake. If it’s getting too comfortable, I’m morphing into a lazy, […]

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