God* Is Helpless – Irony And Perfection Of The Big Picture

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(don’t be offended by God* coming with the pronoun “it” in this article, please read the full text for explanation)

Call it God*, Universe, Higher Power.
The potent creative Source. The force behind the force behind the force that created All-That-Is.

Everything is energy and choice. Creation is a conscious act.

So, if All-That-Is and the force that created it came into being – where did it all come from? Who made the choice to create it? Who or what provided the matter, the energy it is made of?

I’ve recently been journeying all the way back, upwards, inwards to the source of all sources, into universal consciousness. From there, I could see that there is an even deeper and vaster consciousness, which contains universal consciousness, like universal consciousness being a marble in a huge bag.

So, when I refer to GOD*, I don’t mean the job description of a guiding religious entity, I mean infinity (that’s the term that comes closest to the nature of this “dimension” of consciousness and creative potency, and that’s the reason why God* comes with a little star “*” – to highlight the difference).

Infinity poured itself into the Universe (or Universes?), which is expanding at light-speed – galaxies, black holes and all. But at one point the Universe may just as well crumble, contract, dissolve in nothingness and return to true infinity.

Not to mention the thought of the existence of other Universes. Are there parallel Universes besides the one we find ourselves in?

Or do Universes exist, but rather chronologically, after one decayed, a new one is born? How big are the intervals between universal death and birth? Are they always the same or do they vary? Are the eras of Universes counted and named – if so, by whom?

Infinity chooses to experience itself as Universe; and Universe decides to take on the form of animals, plants or human beings to have this experience of self.

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It is the longing for something palpable, for having a sense, or senses, literally, of and for self. In all dimensions and at all levels of super-, un- and sub-consciousness. At the same time accompanied by a startlingly deep forgetfulness, like amnesia…

So, for example, we as human beings spend large chunks of our lives with getting back into remembering. Re-accessing the knowing why we came here. It’s a game. A joke. An experiment. A mission. Fueled by desire and curiosity. It ought to be phenomenal, fun, illuminative.

Doesn’t mean all sunshine and bliss. The Universe knows bliss. And it also knows terror. But it only truly knows after it has experienced these states through the limits and pitfalls – as well as the joys – of the human experience.

So for the Universe to perceive the impact and energy of chaos and euphoria, of pain, sorrow, birth, death, abundance, fear and all that constitutes the deep and whacky and wonderful messiness from which creation originates, it chooses to squeeze itself into a living, breathing being.

And just as we have to remember that we’re being in a game that we – as the Universe taking on a human body and life – have chosen to play and be part of, the infinite condition that goes far beyond universal condition and consciousness has to remember that its main purpose is creation and everything that enhances and facilitates it.

Its natural state is Zen – perfect equilibrium, beyond atoms and singularity.
So this Zen-power that makes the choice to create Universes hardly can be bothered or disturbed. It is perfection, it creates perfection.

You know you are a spark of the divine oneness and that you are a co-creator with the universe, that you have the potential for wondrous creation.

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But the perfection in its creation consists of laws of attraction and repulsion; it consists of paradox and polarity, of conflict and difference. And if you consider the Zen of infinity and nothingness (which naturally contains the space of infinite possibility and existence) to be a loving force, you may be able to imagine that THIS, which I referred to as GOD* would like to support us as best as it can. And yes, let’s assume it is being omnipotent^^

The thing is that God* is helpless as to how to use its power to our highest benefit.
It sure as hell does NOT know what you need most or why you are shaken by death anxiety of leaving your flat and what would be needed to help you.

It has, however, the desire to provide whatever its creation could use to get closer to perfection, to Zen, itself.

If all creation reached Zen – perhaps this would be the end of all Universes, Dimensions and All-That-Is. Everything, and everyone, returning HOME, to eternal silence and Zen.
Ever thought of THIS scenario as the end of All-That-Is? The end being pure Is-ness? Feeling slightly dizzy in your head?

So, IF you want to do God* a favour, be clear on your intentions. Cut back all crap and disturbance; get clear on what you want, who you are and how you can best contribute. Send this out to God*. You can call it prayer, spell, invocation… God* will get the message.

Do whatever deepens and sharpens your consciousness. Do what you can. Now. Be pro-active. Don’t wait around and trust that any small concept of a God-deity will provide everything. The clearer and stronger your actions and intentions, the better God* perceives your energy, your signal. And with just a nano-speck of its attention you will have the support for your endeavours for lifetimes.

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God* needs your help. God* has never been here, never been human. God* wants to learn, to know, to improve, to try. God* is eager to get a sign from you.
It’s pretty boring out there, being infinite and Zen all the time.

And imagine we all would turn to God* and invite its support and shake up its Zen a bit… what kind of gigantic creative reaction could be induced? Maybe we could have some more Zen down here and perhaps God* would be happy about some excitement out there…

Expand your mind, expand your consciousness, dial in, God* has a landline. It is easier than you think (stop thinking so much anyway!). Imagine, dream… Magic is real, it’s divine. It’s you, it’s God*, it’s perfect – it’s Zen with sprinkles of tears and laughter.

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