Darkness And Light


I was sitting there waiting for you. When you finally arrived I saw you were the darkness. No-one ever would have guessed that.

But there you were. Everywhere. And in everyone. You also were in me. The darkness.
I didn’t think I wanted darkness. So I thought I didn’t want you.

But when I gathered all my courage and guts to reach out, to take the hand you offered me, and to let your heart touch mine – darkness drinking darkness, as you were in me and I was in you – something changed.

Everything changed.
You became bright, blazing light, with a heat to you that was almost unbearable. You melted and softened me into something new, unknown.

So this was what I was really afraid of.
I could sense the darkness wasn’t the end. It was the beginning. The beginning of something beautiful and terrifying.
If I knew what love was, I might call it by that name.

We don’t die from a lack of light. What’s really killing us is that much light.

That’s why the light often comes to us as darkness. Because the light loves us so much, it doesn’t want to hurt or lose us.
Embracing the darkness is only the first step on the way to be reborn into the light.

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