Holy Vs. Whole

holywhole1I’ve seen so many people chasing the path of light, ridiculously busy denying and rejecting their dark side.

To become a whole being, capable of owning your power, your calling, your light, you must accept your shadows.
Get to know them very intimately. Develop some serious compassion and resilience.

If you can’t feel and heal yourself, if you can’t deal with your own pain without running for straw fires to keep yourself “illuminated”, to not fall prey to your demons…. how do you think you could serve and create from this place?

From being partly abandonned by yourself, and with a soul thats torn in halves?
Black & White, Good & Bad.

As freely as you allow for the unwanted, flawed, “evil” and dark bits to surface and be acknowledged, be approved of and in that way let them serve you instead of block you – that’s as bright as your light can shine.

It’s not about being perfect, holy, and positive, blissed out and all light. That’s actually being fake. And being shallow and lazy.

Whom are you fooling? The painful truth is that you’re hurting yourself the most. And by harming yourself you harm others, ‘cos we are all connected.

Without getting comfortable in the shadow department of your soul, you don’t gain full access to the light.

It’s work, it’s not all rainbows and roses. It’s painful. It’s real. It’s raw. And there’s no shortcut. You gotta shed the bullshit, layer by layer. To get to the core, to your truth. To your Self.

It’s not about becoming a pseudo-Goddess or God. It’s about becoming all of your imperfect authentic you.

It’s delicious. It’s powerful.


Don’t strive for holy. Go for whole.

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