Recovering from Soul Suicide: Ditch Comparison – Go, Thrive!

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Comparison is a poisonous substance. You can quickly overdose. Many people are addicted or kill their soul-selves through comparison.

It cripples your creativity, your happiness and oftentimes even your health.

Many of us have made their first painful experiences with being compared to others at a very young age. Kids can be damn cruel. Parents, too.

Conditioning from childhood days is difficult to deconstruct.

You were called “too loud”, “too small”, “too slow on the uptake”, “too demanding”, “too big”, “too sensitive”, “too messy”, “too boring” or “too eccentric”. The list goes on. You got squeezed either into the category of being “too much” or “not enough”.

Becoming an average person seemed to be a damn good and comforting thing to achieve.

Comparison makes you feel like shit, like there is something wrong with you. It makes you feel inadequate. It feeds shame, anxiety and addictions.

You see others run after being like the rest, to fit in. Avoiding the pain of shame and rejection because they are different.

Or the opposite, people doing everything in their power to stand out, to be special and different – using comparison as a means of feeling superior, better than others.

They are ruled by their Ego. And the underlying theme is – as so often – fear. Of course. Different approaches and patterns, same root cause.

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They have their deep issues, too, trying to compensate feelings like anxiety or lack of love.

What we need is not competition and comparison – these are hard and linear masculine principles. They lead you away from being and feeling, into doing and numbing your senses.

Mind-driven, performance-driven, rushed, always busy, always in need of security, predictability, rewards, comfort and approval.

What we need is compassion. Feeling ourselves and each other at a deep and loving soul level.

We all are miniature versions of the Universe. We are perfect the way we are.

Perfect as in totally loveable and exactly the way we ought to be.
You are beautiful! Yes, you. Flaws and insecurities and all.


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No matter how much you obsess about the percentage of body fat or the deep childhood wound that makes you feel like you have less ideal conditions to find love, fulfilment and purpose in life.

You are beautiful, just as you are.

Comparison is a liar. It has a voice that sounds like cold steel, is supercritical and very harsh and heartless. Comparison is a child of fear, a tool of the Ego.

There is no master plan that is valid and equally applicable for every human being. You have your unique path, you have your personal struggles.

And you know what? Those who you admire, those who you compare yourself with, who you envy even… Have you ever walked a mile in their shoes? Do you know what their souls are struggling with?

Can you tell how many dark times they have conquered and how much deep work they have done?

Life is a journey.

And there are people who are learning and working fast and precise – and others who are slow, stubborn and thorough, a bit dreamy even (like me, for example). No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

If you need a little nudge, an update of your current soul-coordinates, there are lighthouses and guardians everywhere along the way.

We walk each other home. Don’t feel bad for not having your shit together. Don’t be ashamed for not being able to carry the load without dropping it time and again.

Know that asking for help is a sign of strength. We only thrive through connection and exchange. Nobody is meant to do it all alone.

Often you become aware of your own light and beauty only through others showing you and telling you about it.

I happen to see people’s souls for what they truly are – beautiful artworks of divine love and universal perfection. I’m one of the lighthouses that help you see yourself in all your magnificence – cutting through all the pain and bullshit and reveal your true core.

Ditch comparison, self-criticism and internal or external judgement.

Let yourself fall into the beautiful sacred mess you are. Embrace your scarred heart and take good care of it.

The feminine principle rules the world – the Universe was born from it.

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There is no bliss without terror, no structure without chaos.
The best thing you can do for yourself and others is getting comfortable in the paradox of this human existence.

Open your heart, let the light in and rekindle your own fire – with compassion, self-love and playful creativity.

You are made to feel, to flow. You are made to thrive.

Thriving is a process that needs a certain degree of spaciousness. So… empty yourself of the stuff that’s weighing you down. Thriving doesn’t happen in comfort zones. It doesn’t happen with fear-based thought patterns. It doesn’t happen according to your plans and wishes.

Thriving is a grace granted those who trust the guidance of the Universe and believe in themselves.

Thriving is highly allergic to comparison, competition, and to rushing through life without checking in with your soul on a daily basis.

Thriving is a magical thing.The moment you let go, you receive. The moment you leap, you are carried and embraced. Click To Tweet

Follow your heart, fuck the rest.

If you want mentoring regarding leaping and trusting or a full-blown Soul-Scan: I’m here for you as your Mentor, Soul Guide and Psychic Genius.




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