5 Muggle-Maddening Traits of Magical Souls

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(this article was also published on WITCH, the online magazine for magical people)

Those who obey reason never get to see the Divine.

Those who are afraid of its messiness never will encounter magic.

Like attracts like. The Universe is chaos and terror. And still everything is in perfect harmony, ever changing, new symphonies and synchronicities in every moment.

Its beauty and meaning can most likely be channeled and understood by the souls that are inhabited by chaos and terror themselves, being aware of the beauty and clarity that potentially can come with it.

So, yes… you are different and others might even call you weird or insane.

Your soul carries a mission too big for them to understand. And it’s impossible to fall asleep again and forget about it.

You are constantly grinded and polished. That’s often painful, but inevitable. The lesser you resist, the smoother the process is going to be.

And it’s so worth all the strain: For you learn to access the source of All That Is. You’re an Agent and Guardian of the Universe.

Here are 5 signs you are a magical soul in touch with the Universal Mystery (which occasionally tends to get muggles all freaked out):

1. You base your actions mostly on feeling, hunches, intuition.

You use the mind as a tool to facilitate what you perceive through soul. This is powerful. You tend to get mind-people all confused and scared.

How can you know without having checked all the boxes, analyzed the last bit out of something to make the right choice?

What you do or choose and the way you do it is rarely based on reason, which can drive those around you craaaayzeeee.

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But you have access to the shortcuts to the same mechanisms that hold the Universe in place and make it work just fine.

2. You thrive in what others would define as chaos and uncertainty.

Of course, even in chaos there is a structure. It’s not linear and it may not be visible.

But the way you arrange your world (and let itself unfold and arrange around you, from a space of allowance and service to something way bigger than you) follows an energetic blueprint.

You’re an energy-shifter and you do it by messing up – at least that’s what it can look like for others.

3. You embrace darkness, death, pain.

Because you know it’s part of the alchemical process.

You are experienced and seasoned resurrectors. The fire is there to purify your soul. The darkness makes you see with your heart.

It’s also a space for interaction with the spirits, gods and other entities that don’t just knock on your door in bright daylight.

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The silence and the sanctuary that the darkness provides is your favorite place to be at times. This way you are connected with parts of wisdom and consciousness that others dread to access.

For reasons. Which don’t hold you back at all.

4. You are driven by hunger.

You can’t be silenced, nobody is able to stop you from asking and annoying the shit out of others.

You do it because you don’t know any other way to feed this raging desire for connection, authenticity and the greater meaning behind everything.

You never stop, you hardly ever pause. Well, sometimes you go slower (which is hard for you to do, but it can and will happen, because soul knows that you need to rest and integrate in order to get to the next level).

You may have learned to savor everything and become a gourmet instead of gorging life and magic in large chunks, and thus become able to digest everything that’s in it for you.

But you’ll always follow your hunger, your desire to get to the hidden truths that no-one likes to reveal or admit.

It keeps you going where full and dull beings never want and dare to go. This brings you closer to universal truth.

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5. You’re in a constant state of “in-between”.

Being suspended in mid-air, soaring or falling, is where you are closest to the true laws of existence.

It’s no place to be for the faint of heart and it’s not where you get without a hearty pinch of madness and unshakeable faith in your soul and the connectedness to All That Is.

You fulfil your purpose in this game and getting dirty and bruised and burnt is part of it.

Your wings carry you through the storm. They can’t be destroyed in the fire, you fall and resurrect and soar and fall and….

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and its sorrow in your soul. You have the gift to alchemize it. That’s what you do.

You are a partner in crime to the Universe, doing sacred work. That’s why you’re here. You’re standing between pain and bliss, shit and gold. You’re the catalyst and alchemist.

You’re constantly in transition. Just like the Universe itself.

Ever-alert and awake. That’s the price for getting glimpses of the big picture.

You don’t have access to all that just for the fun and wonder of it. You use your gift to help others through the dark, into awakening.

You spread an awareness for magic and you shift the energy around you.

That’s hard work, but you’ve got this. Keep going, keep your faith and keep up the sacred magical work – you’re doing great!

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