The Magical Glint in Your Eye Means Everything

GlintMagicalEyesAlexImage Source

This is a brilliant essay written by my friend Alex Clifford. I love this so much, I want to share it here so you all can enjoy his latest masterpiece.

“The truth is I’m not very close to many people. I can only really get close to people who have a glint in their eye.


It’s a certain twinkle. An awareness of something more. It’s a certain glimmer that hints of worlds beyond our own.  Mischievous children have it.

It’s usually combined with a very sharp intelligent awareness of what’s going on. It’s a closeness to imagination and creativity. It’s an ability to see beyond what’s in front of you, the underlying rules of everything. It’s a kind of magic and alchemy. It also represents naughtiness, an ability and desire to break the rules.”

Please click the link to Alex’ blog to read the entire article, it’s amazing!

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