Soul Trigger






Cold and
Aloof not wrong
for this.
Okay the way I am.
Don’t need your love, but MY love.
Evil, cruel. This, too, is me. If you can’t cope, stay away.
black widow.
Like playing with fire? – Be ok with the consequences.
You can’t control fire.
You can’t control the storm.
Dancing with the elements comes at the risk of dying. One wrong step and you’re off enough to never fully recover again.
That’s the allure – danger, hunger, magnetic pull, a sweet calling. Watching from a
distance is almost impossible.
You want it.
Nobody else shall have it.
Your precious.
For some time.
Until it’s gone.
I’m gone.
It leaves you…







While I read what I just came up with I see a little girl that’s terribly hurt and deeply scared. A girl that wants to be a woman already – to be able to protect herself…

A powerful one.

She’ll never allow anyone close to her heart. She’ll never let anyone invade her space. She’ll never allow to be hurt again. She’ll live a life on her terms. No adapting or adjusting, no nothing.

Just her.

And her goddamn fucked up life.

Her twisted and dark soul.

And every now and then glimpses of light and healing.

The hurt part of soul.

Everybody has it.

This is mine.

What’s yours?


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