FEEL IT ALL – Digging for Gold at Rock Bottom

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I believe that the pain you’ve gone through, the trauma and hurt you’ve experienced, is stored in your bones and energy body.

The events in life that are uncomfortable and challenging (e. g. adversity, breakdown, depression), that cause struggle and confusion, I believe that those are there to provide an outlet for the hurt, anger, grief and all the stuck and unprocessed intense stuff that’s blocking you from thriving.

You’ve got to feel it all to be able to release it for good.

That way you make room for a new You to emerge.

Those who turn away from the sensation of pain, those who try to white-wash and positive-think primal and dark emotions like rage, and label them as “bad”, lose.

Your rage is legit. As is your grief. And your anxiety. The struggle is real and part of the game. It’s not all cute and gracious and fun.

You don’t need to let those emotions rule your life. But in trying to wish them away, to want them gone, or trying to suppress them – you actually give them LOTS of power over you.

The solution is simple: The pain, all the yucky stuff, needs to be felt in all its depth and intensity. At the bottom of it you’ll find a huge reservoir of creative energy and magic.

The process to get there can be quite an odyssee.

You can’t really force stuff to happen and to work out. But you can stay open and try your best – every fucking time your shadow is greeting you and inviting you to dance. It’s actually a wildly beautiful and rewarding journey.

Next time you’re rushing things, numbing your senses, keeping yourself distracted (because it’s scary to be still and have a wave of something big and unpredictable crushing down on you), I invite you to STOP.

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Break the cycle of your frantic thoughts that are already way ahead in the future. Take a deep breath and feel your mind’s and body’s urge to keep up your default automatisms – but do not give in to it.

This can be really challenging, but also exciting and revealing. It’s a first step to practicing “feeling it all” without the usual fight-or-flight shit. Staying with the discomfort.

This is how you alchemise pain and fear into freed-up energy and creativity.

Next time you feel triggered or scared, frustrated or depressed, take it for what it is: a chance to get to the root of it. To release stuck energy and free some of your attention and potential. And you get there by going where it hurts.

In those situations, all the positivity in the world won’t get you anywhere. Even if you haven’t put the thorns in your soul yourself, only you can remove them. Go at your own pace, be gentle with yourself, but don’t mistake avoidance for gentleness.

Freedom awaits. You’ve got this!

[If you don’t want to do this alone, you can work with me. Part of the “Get Unstuck in Six Weeks” program are guided visualizations to release blocks from your system. Get in touch via the contact form.]



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