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I’m Karolina. I’m a coach and writer. I Disobey With Grace.

That means that I listen to myself more than to others. That I also disobey myself as best as I can when it comes to old patterns, negative beliefs, all those things that would keep me from living in alignment with who I truly am at my core. (here’s my in-depth definition of what it means for me to Disobey With Grace)

Here are 15 “facts” you should know about me:

1. I’ve always been very radical and disobedient. I happened to be raised in an environment that not only didn’t encourage this, but actively tried to break my will and silence the rebel within me. Didn’t work, though – I came out stronger for it.

As you may have guessed, I love to say no. That’s because it took me so long to find my voice and my no. And because it’s in my DNA. I’m also fluent in contradiction, polarity and paradox.

2. I’m a quadruple Taurus (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars. Yeah, it’s as *ugh* *YAY* as it sounds, …. it’s where I get my dedication from when the going gets rough).

I grew up on a farm and got bullied because of it as a child. So in my twenties, I wanted nothing to do with farm life anymore.

Nowadays I’ve found back to my roots and spend a lot of time at a farm nearby, helping to take care of the animals, thus getting my workouts in by being outside among horses, cows, ducklings, chicken, cats and dogs. Taurus heaven.

3. When I’m not coaching or cuddling horses, in my pastime I’m assistant editor of a magazine for magical people, called WITCH.

For me, a witch and a disobeyer are pretty much the same thing: Being tuned-in, living your truth and passion, being authentically yourself. Living in alignment with your gifts and inborn magic.

I’m into the spells-and-ritual stuff, too. But that’s not obligatory to tap into your magic.

4. Since I was a kid, I could see myself on big stages as a speaker and teacher. Problem being, I’m an absolute introvert (INFP).

There’s hope, though: I’m singing in a Gospel choir, front row, and I manage to survive enjoy it every time we have a gig. Singing is also very therapeutic to literally find your voice.

5. I’ve studied literature and politics, gone through final-stage cancer, among my relationships was a really toxic one, and I had the “pleasure” of a spontaneous, very extreme Kundalini Awakening. You can’t shock me easily…I’ve gathered quite some expertise in breakdowns and breakthroughs. I’m a survivor, a guardian, and I carry some potent dragon medicine.

6. I’ve been born during Mercury retrograde, so my way of learning is a bit odd and slow. If I’m obsessed enough, I can be super quick, too: When I decided that I wanted to write and coach in English, it was a matter of a few months to get from “had good marks in English at school but haven’t read or spoken a word in over a decade” to “regularly blogging and skyping in English and people thinking I’m a native speaker”.

7. I’m a mother to an intellectually gifted child. She’s my greatest teacher and at times my biggest challenge. A quadruple Taurus raising a Libra sun with Leo rising can be an explosive mixture. I’ve learned everything I know about love from her. She’s as strong and powerful as I am.

8. I love everything that turns my senses and brain on. And I love depth. Raw soul. And stories. People with stories, places with stories.

9. I get easily obsessed with pretty much everything. Card games, music, new Ben&Jerry’s flavors, people who touch me at my core (to the latter the obsession part can come across a bit creepy, I get it).

My obsession with music goes a bit like this: Listens to new song – finds it gorgeous – finds out title – gets song for all devices – listens to it about fifty thousand times on repeat – afterwards complains about this bloody song still being played on the radio. Happens every time.

10. I like to explore all the cracks in a human heart and the dark corners in your soul and psyche. In a former life I’ve probably been a dominatrix, because I’ll start digging into people’s souls (my own included) where it hurts the most and draw some weird pleasure from it. Alan Watts coined the term “Higher Masochism”, which basically means: going where it hurts, fully being in it, feeling it. That way you can process it. It’s as close as you get to alchemy.

11. I’m dabbling in serendipity, synchronicity and epiphanies quite often. Since I’m terribly impatient, they never happen fast enough. Being in a state of in-between is the worst thing for me, but that’s where I spend most of my time. It’s where the gold is and where I am grateful for every ounce of quadruple-Taurean stubbornness and dedication.

12. I hate injustice, violence, and ab-/misuse of power. I’ve always been an advocate of underdogs. Of those who are weaker or different. I don’t click with loud, self-proclaimed “bad-asses”. I also don’t get along well with folks who play victim or martyr.

13. I don’t like being rushed or pushed. To complete the image of a quirky hermit, I need ridiculous amounts of alone time. I go about most of my day in silence.

14. I love to see people shine, and when things just flow. Like when we get a new song perfectly right for the first time during a choir rehearsal. The whole room is lit, there’s magic in the air.

Same goes for coaching sessions when someone just had an a-ha moment and “the thing” either fell away (the thing being baggage from the past) or sunk in (the thing being an insight, or a concrete issue being healed).

15. I help others to be their glorious, disobedient selves (obvsly!)

If you feel called into the Universe of ‘Disobey’, I invite you to join fellow Disobey-ers in our Facebook group. We’d love to get to know you!

If you are interested in coaching, this is for you.

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  • raisedinlove

    I love the complexity of your sacred being. I love the love you have for your daughter somehow lifting off the page. I love how we have that in common. I love your wild, free, untamed nature.

  • Hey, there, honey. I recently read your “Facing Your Demons” post through The Dreamer’s Tantra. I love your writing and I see that you’re working with Carolyn on WITCH. I thought I’d leave my info here and let you know . . . I’m an artist. If you’d be interested in using any of my artwork, I’d love a collaboration with you guys.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more –


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