Soul Trigger

        Seer. Hider. Cold and Aloof not wrong for this. Okay the way I am. Don’t need your love, but MY love. Evil, cruel. This, too, is me. If you can’t cope, stay away. black widow. Like playing with fire? – Be ok with the consequences. You can’t control fire. You can’t control the storm. Dancing with […]

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The Magical Glint in Your Eye Means Everything

Image Source This is a brilliant essay written by my friend Alex Clifford. I love this so much, I want to share it here so you all can enjoy his latest masterpiece. “The truth is I’m not very close to many people. I can only really get close to people who have a glint in their eye. It’s a certain twinkle. […]

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3 Embarrassing Truths about the Rut You’re Stuck in

The fear and pain of being stuck is nothing compared to the terror and exposure you would suffer once you turned up your light, your darkness and thus your naturally given inherent power.

There, I said it and it’s true: You are fucking powerful. But for some reason you’d rather cover your ears in disbelief.

Power is something for self-absorbed, abundant and exploitative people, right?

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The Art and Importance of Disobedience

(this article was also published on Rebelle Society) Disobedience is an art form. It’s the true nature of the seeker. It has you on an enduring quest and is at the same time your true state of being, home, truth, the essence of spirit. To obey is the easy route through life. It doesn’t require much to take what you […]

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Rise Up

[Image Source] The life energy that you apparently have/ are, the force that’s making your limbs move, the neurons in your brain shoot and the synapses connect in ways that cause (over?) reactions…. … and you just get dizzy and want it to STOP! I’m crying. Nothing really happened, other than the continual expanding of my awareness. My heart is […]

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Holy Vs. Whole

I’ve seen so many people chasing the path of light, ridiculously busy denying and rejecting their dark side. To become a whole being, capable of owning your power, your calling, your light, you must accept your shadows. Get to know them very intimately. Develop some serious compassion and resilience. If you can’t feel and heal yourself, if you can’t deal […]

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