God* Is Helpless – Irony And Perfection Of The Big Picture

Image Source (don’t be offended by God* coming with the pronoun “it” in this article, please read the full text for explanation) Call it God*, Universe, Higher Power. The potent creative Source. The force behind the force behind the force that created All-That-Is. Everything is energy and choice. Creation is a conscious act. So, if All-That-Is and the force that […]

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Resistance, Surrender & Perfect Alchemy

(This article was also published on Rebelle Society) Deep down in the black department of my soul I’m a bloody pervert. I enjoy pain so much. It’s like my secret elixir that keeps me going, seeking. My feelings: intense, desperate, viscerally deep and aching, alive – so I’m staying awake. If it’s getting too comfortable, I’m morphing into a lazy, […]

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Heaven & Hell

Some days I serve God, Other days the Devil wins. Sometimes I get confused. Other times they get confused at what the heck I’m doing, cos it doesn’t belong to either of their departments. Sometimes it’s a bloody f***ing mess. I get frustrated, depressed, angry. Then I stop. I become aware that often what seems so tragic and dramatic is […]

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