Love & Praise

Lena“Lina is a true alchemist of the soul. She is brave, and full of courage to follow her own deepest truth and can help you follow yours. She was there with me in the crucial moments and helped me immensely with her listening open heart and subtle guidance that doesn’t impose itself on you but makes you receptive to listen to your own soul, and have courage in the most crazy circumstances you could imagine. All that she has been through is a great help for all others in similar situations, and her warm heart is a true jewel that helps you believe in your own heart, and make things happen that you might have thought of as impossible before. She’s a real blessing!”

Lena Franolic, Artist and Jewelry-Designer, Krk, Croatia


“I just finished my second set of six-week sessions with Karolina and I have to tell you how fascinating this journey from stuck to un-stuck has been. She has helped me heal and integrate parts of myself (I’m talking body & spirit) that I didn’t even know were missing. I’ve uncovered new desires to manifest… there’s pure gold underneath our shadows and fears. There’s also such a thing as spontaneous healing. Let me tell you, shifts happen in real time. That’s big magic!!! I have such a deep sense of gratitude. Thank you, Lina, for midwifing me through this process. Infinite love.”

Barbara Pena, San Antonio, Texas



Ushmi1“I felt drawn to work with Lina to understand where I was in my life from a deeper perspective. And that’s exactly what I got, more clarity and a real sense of shedding some of the burdens I had been carrying. In essence, I felt guided back to my own inner light again. Lina is graceful, compassionate and speaks from her soul and I would highly recommend her work if you are looking to get the potency back in your life.”

Ushmi DK Dosaja, Creative Powerhouse with Thunder in her Soul, Berlin, Germany



RajFeedback“Lina has the magic ability to unlock people’s souls, in her presence I was able to fully be myself and thus easily able to open up to her. I felt truly seen and she was genuinely interested in understanding what made me tick. Her way of dismantling my fears and making me feel and express my inner blockages through the process of storytelling was amazing – something I’ve never experienced before.
She saw right into me and nailed the patterns and beliefs that kept me trapped. She is dedicated to learn everything about you. Like a detective, she guides you deeper to your core, shedding layer after layer of resistance and bullshit, often without you noticing it. The work with her can be very emotional and painful, but many times it doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s her very own kind of magic. Very illuminative and exciting.
Her in-depth soul scan combined with her unparalleled psychic intuition are very powerful tools.
Connecting with her brings out everything in you, it’s very challenging and very healing. You might burst into tears for no apparent reason, or feel intense anger or happiness, want to laugh out loud… Lina has the gift to create very unique heart-to-heart connections. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without her help. Lina pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, without her I never would have been able to quit my Ego-ruled way of navigating life. Having her kick my butt was the best thing that could happen to me. New chapter, fresh start, changed forever. Quite literally: I became a different person and my work and private life have improved dramatically over the course of one year, working with Lina.”

Raj Ghatge, IT-wizard, Mumbai, India



Lea“Lina showed me how I can grow – not in the typical way (work on your strengths, so they become even stronger) – she showed me a longing I have from deep within that I kept locked away… hidden in the farthest corner of my consciousness… believing that through suppressing it I could escape it!
Lina gifted me with the awareness that it’s possible to fully tap into my power and live my potential. To follow my deep longing and let it lead me where I need to be.”

Lea Holzer, Whirlwind-Creatrix, Switzerland



LunaTestimonialI sought out Lina, because I knew, instinctively, that she carried something I needed.  I was not disappointed. She is a revolutionary badass, who walks with you as you look in the mirror at your own badassery. She pulls no punches.  She won’t buy into your bull shit. She is real and will actually see and celebrate who you are. Not comfortable, but needed if you desire to unravel to your authentic self.  She honors you by being her fearless self. She can teach you to be your fearless self through her tireless example.

Luna Martin Ynostroza, Medicine Woman, Arroyo Grande, California



Terry“Lina, gave me clarity as she navigated my awareness, highlighting for me, what had been going on around me.
It was like she gave me a virtual mirror to see what I was, what I do and how I am! She is a much needed and guiding light in the world! Thank you for your brilliance <3″

Terry Dika Volchoff, Transformational Catalyst, Hamilton, Ontario



AlexFeedback“Lina and I met dancing in Berlin at a strange conference.
Lina is a very attuned lady. Her intuitive senses are very honed and sharp.
When you talk to her, you feel that she sees you at a really soulful level. Most of us go through life with very superficial conversations about doing and having. We’re never seen and so we feel like something is missing.
Lina can see through to the core of your BEING and she can see what your soul is grappling with.
I used to be curious and skeptical about supernatural things and experiences. But the more time goes on, and the more I speak to Lina, the more it seems that bigger forces are at play.
She’s very stubborn and strong, but don’t let that put you off. That’s just her armour for a glowing, sensitive spiritual core that has been trespassed upon too many times.
Lina is a very special person to have around in your life. If you’ve been drawn to her writing, you’d definitely benefit from her personal attention.”

Alex Clifford, gifted Writer and Disturber, UK & Spain



Michelle“You just have to experience her! She is both down to earth and professional. I can say that I was very nervous and uneasy to have someone look into my soul. Would my darkest secrets be exposed? Would I feel uncomfortable? Lina is very hard to describe… the big sister you tell everything to with no shame. Then suddenly you take a turn, the real *what do you want to happen with your life* stuff gets stirred up. It is the most wonderful rollercoaster ride of self exploration you will have! I am still discovering things that are related to images Lina saw during our session. I am eternally grateful and love her for what she has given to my life!”

Michele Marks, New Iberia, Louisiana, USA



Allen“A little while back, Lina offered to mentor a handful of individuals and I’m thankful I made the cut… Especially at a time when I felt like I had no stability or soundness of mind in my life, or on my path. I had no idea where i was going or what I was doing. I had ventured onto black territory, and every-which-way I went felt the effects of no progress and no end in sight.
Her words and guidance cut through the chaos, gave me clarity, and left me with a sense that my feet are where they needed to be. She ensured that it’s safe to tread the path I’m on… and to embrace the perplexities of the world with open arms.
It was with the help of Lina’s oversight, that I was able to kindle my inner flame again.
She is a lighthouse among us.”

Allen Robles, visual&sound Artist, Houston,Texas















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